Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The day after

I'm just going to reiterate what I posted on Primer for the benefit of the Yudites and the Ballpark Guys, who seem to be far too angry at Rob for some odd reason.

Donnelly broke the rules. No one is denying that. It's not important if he was doing it to add movement to the ball, or if he was doing it to get a better grip, or if he was doing it because he thought it smelled neat. Not the point. He was wrong, he should have been kicked out, and he should be suspended.

Frank Robinson has every right to challenge any Angels pitcher who takes the mound. Scioscia has exactly the same right, and Robinson shouldn't be surprised if Scioscia does it. As long as there's no disincentive (like in hockey) for being wrong, why not do it? Especially if you know it's going to piss off the opposing manager. Gamesmanship is a two way street.

None of this changes the fact that I think Frank Robinson is a prick. He would still be a prick even if he hadn't had Donnelly thrown out. Anybody who walks into a press conference with only one issue of importance and immediately declares that issue off limits for discussion, then gets pissed off when people bring it up, is a prick.

I see no reason to discontinue comments, mostly because I rarely get any to begin with, and I won't start here. If anyone feels that they need to attack me the way they apparently attacked Rob, have at it. The Yudites didn't have a problem doing it on a site I didn't know existed, so they ought not have a problem doing it here.

And thanks for the traffic. I've had about 3 to 4 times my normal number of hits today. Feel free to come back anytime. It's not ALL Angels here, just mostly.


Yuda said...

Nobody attacked Rob. You can't tell, because he deleted the comments, but he started banning people and deleting comments for disagreeing with him and/or defending Frank Robinson.

Very Stalinesque.

Seitz said...

Perhaps no one attacked him on his blog. It's his blog and he can do what he wants with it. I still think the things posted about him and me on your site (by your readers) went over the line, and were completely uncalled for, so I can't blame him for getting pissed off about it.

Basil said...

Well, for the record, if what I said there or BTF went over the line, then I offer my apology.

And it seems, from your post on Simers, you do your share of good work, both in the blogging world and in the more important world, too.

Seitz said...

I don't know that it was you, Basil. I know Chris Neeham, completely unprovoked, took shots at me. Other readers spoofed me and Rob and said things that I hope most people find inappropriate. I'm not against having fun, and I don't mean to sound like a spoilsport. I haven't asked Yuda to do anything with those posts. It's his site, and he can do what he wants.

However, I'll point out that after I posted my remarks yesterday, both here and on Primer, nobody, other than Yuda himself, came over here saying the same derogatory stuff, despite making numerous visits. I haven't deleted anyone's posts but my own (for editing purposes). It's fairly juvenile behavior, but hey, it's sports. We're all juvenile from time to time.

Sean said...

Yes, we all recall from our history books how Stalin would never let anyone make contrary comments on HIS blog.

Dumb metaphors: not just for politicians anymore.

Basil said...

I don't know that it was you, Basil.

No, I was among them. That's why I offered my apology if I offended you. (I'm the guy who posted the comment that you linked and quoted on Primer, so I imagine I did.) I didn't post any of the spillover comments on the Angels blogs except for one today after things blew over, but many of those weren't us anyway---they were people from a Nats board that caught wind of the LAA blogs, probably independently.

At any rate, I don't know if this makes any difference to you, but a) our chats have been, until now of course, really solitary affairs---we just toss out talk that we wouldn't if we knew others were reading it, not just the target but others generally; and b) we spoof everything there, often in a vulgar manner.

So, yeah, I'm not going to speak for anyone else there but me, but I don't think anyone there really has a malicious heart.

Just the same, I'd rather let the thing pass. I would have emailed this, but I don't see your email listed.

Seitz said...

I didn't find the whiners comment particularly offensive. I've been called worse, and sometimes I deserve it. Although I'm not exactly sure why Eric or Larry deserved it.

I thought the more vulgar stuff was uncalled for. And though it's fortunately never come to that, I probably wouldn't allow that here if it persisted.

And realize that anytime someone on one of those threads links to a blog, the blogger is going to know it. Those sitemeters tell someone where links are coming from, which is how I find Yuda's site to begin with.

And the email is posted in the upper right corner of the blog, or at least it is on the home page (it might not be if you're looking at individual posts by themselves).

Seitz said...

And thanks for the compliment.