Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Blogger, WTF?

Question for any of you out there who use Sitemeter:

Do you occasionally get a bunch of hits all of the sudden from other blogspot sites? I mean, like 5-10 in succession, in a short period of time? What's up with that?

In the past hour, I've supposedly received hits from USAMediablog, Fallbrookinstsyle, Vishu8, depression1resources (I know I just turned 32, but I'm not that depressed. yet.), compteachis10, maristarrynight, dermatiteatopica (I thought no one knew about that rash), wordonthestreetis (word on the street is your blog sucks - j/k), omdatikvanmeou (I don't even know what language that is), and lordofthedamned (this one could actually be a real referral). Thanks to each and every one of you. However, I'm guessing these aren't actual people, but rather some random glitch in blogger software that occurs every few days.

So, anybody else getting crap like this? Anyone know why?


halofan said...

It is either some law of randomness/chaos thepryy in action, or it is some sort of virus/spider, but i have a similar ripple in the hits rhythm every week or so on my sitemeter.

Rob said...

What I think you're seeing is the effect of the "Next Blog" link universally on all Blogger masts. Since all the entrants appear to be coming from random blogs, the only explanation can be that the "Next Blog" link is set to a particular blog (yours) for a few seconds. During that time, anyone clicking on that link heads over to your blog. Thus is my blog discovered by armies of clickers coming from link spam blogs ("Buy Your Viagra Rx Cheap Here") trying to fool Google, blogs of Brazilian fourteen-year-old girls, and sexy women in my neighborhood who apparently want to meet me for an afternoon tryst.

Seitz said...

I thought that might be it, but everytime I click to one of those and hit "next blog" mine is never there. So you're probably right about the few seconds thing.

Richard said...

When you hit "next blog" it takes you down the list of the recently updated blog*spot blogs. That way you never stumble on to a dead blog.

meridith said...

thanks. your blog sucks, too.