Saturday, December 01, 2007

UCLA slaughtered by U$C

The nice thing about this game being on national television is that the whole country has a chance to see what a shitty coach Karl Dorrel is. Here we are in December and his players can't execute a simple hand off with regularity. And when your defense makes a big stop, and your opponent might have to settle for a field goal, it's not really a good idea to give them another third down, even if they're ten yards further back.

It's a testament to how down U$C is this year that they aren't going to win this game by 50. UCLA has given them opportunity after opportunity, turnover after turnover, bad decision after bad decision, and they're still only up by 17 points.

So long Karl. You really won't be missed. I'm sure Karl is a good guy, but he's simply been in over his head. He is not a good football head coach. Hopefully, the athletic department will make the right decision next time.

Thank goodness it's basketball season.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quick thoughts on the Illinois-Maryland debacle

  • If you had told me that the refs would let them play to the extent they did tonight, I would have guess that Illinois would win by ten. But they were awful. Brutally awful. And most of it happened inside.
  • Sean Pruitt was awful. The next pass he makes out of the post will be the first. He goes to the hole and flings the ball at the basket, and the one time he got a chance to dunk, he choked. A guy that shoots from no more than five feet out finished 4-16 from the field. Man, that sucks.
  • Brian Randle wasn't much better. 2-8 from the field, and stuffed at least once by a guy he should have owned. And he couldn't get it done from the free throw line either.
  • On the defensive end, Maryland killed the Illini in th paint. They walked into the lane over and over again, with almost no resistance. The difference in the paint was roughly 40-15 or so. That's pathetic. The Illini made one two point basket in the last eight minutes, and Pruitt promptly missed the subsequent free throw that would have pulled the Illini to within one.
  • Rodney Alexander played pretty well, then inexplicably didn't see the floor for the most important part of the game.
  • Calvin Brock started well, hit a jumper at the beginning of the second half. Then disappeared.

Really bad performance tonight against a pretty bad Maryland team. They need to be better than that.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Anyone have one of these things, or know someone who does? I don't always trust Amazon reviews.

I ask because I'm back in Atlanta for the week, and if the travel thing keeps happening, there's a lot of Kings games that I'm going to miss. Most people probably wouldn't think that was a bad thing, but I paid for the damn package so I'd like to watch the damn games. And my understanding is that I can hook this sucker up and watch whatever is on my TV from any computer with a good internet connection. I was initially intrigued, then turned off by the fact that they don't seem to work with Blackberries, which is what they gave me at my newish job. But I'm starting to think it might be a worthwhile investment.