Friday, August 10, 2007

From the Department of Underrated

Sometimes a band's back catalog is so good that the later stuff gets overlooked, especially after their flame has flickered. But this is probably one of the best Mary Chain songs that hardly anyone has ever heard.

Still, I always kind of preferred Jim Reid songs to William Reid songs. To wit:

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What the....?

This was not what I expected hear playing on the store P.A. when I walked into Kohl's today to buy some socks:

It's not even from the forthcoming record. It's a from an 11 year old album that about 13 or 14 people in this country have ever heard. Still, it was pretty freaking awesome, and it really put me in the mood to buy socks. Well done, Kohl's.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Is this thing still on?

Motivation is lacking. I can't quite explain why. It's just really, really easy to stop blogging.

Anyway, in the midst of what seemed like a really rough stretch, the Angels have made it to the first week in August with a four game lead, picking up another half game by defeating the vaunted Red Sox, a team whom others expected to sweep the Angels, primarily because the Angels, the fifth best run scoring team in the American League, have no offense.

Quite honestly, these are good examples of why my motivation to provide what can loosely be described as original content has waned considerably. Long time readers will acknowledge that I can be a tad bit negative when the Angels aren't playing well. But I look like a goddamn Pollyana compared to some of the more popular members of the halosphere, and it's bringing me down.

So while I've still been watching every game, at least when not playing golf, my desire to jot down my thoughts has more or less disappeared for now. Partly because there are other people who have that covered, and I'm not really sure how much more I add to the discussion.

Anyway, if this passess, it will be back to normal around here. For now, blogging will remain intermittent.


And a little flashback: