Wednesday, February 10, 2010

State of the Blog

Whoa. Little dusty in here. Just thought I'd post something about what's coming up in the newish year. I fully intend to resume some modicum of Angels blogging once the season starts, but geez, it's been kind of a boring off-season for the last couple months. I don't think I'll take on any big projects, but I'll still write as things hit me, and I may do some game recaps when I think I can say something insightful.

I'm probably going to keep up the music stuff, too. I'd like to post some stripped down comments about shows, if nothing else then to keep some sort of journal about shows I've seen. The numbers have gone way in the last year or two, and I'm starting to forget who I've seen, so this will serve as a nice contemporaneous reminder. Expect to see some pictures as well.

And in that vein, here's another edition of Coming Attractions:

St. Vincent @ Metro - 2/18/10 (I can't get over how beautiful Annie Clark's eyes are in the second video, or all of them for that matter.

St. Vincent - "Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood"

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