Saturday, October 27, 2007

Now that I think about it

Maybe the offense doesn't work better with Pat Cowan. They're about to accomplish nothing against arguably the worst team in the Pac 10.

UCLA flat out sucks. They have no heart, they have very little talent, and they have no idea how to use what little talent they have. They are being outplayed in every single facet of the game. Pat Cowan has just thrown his 14th incomplete pass in his last 20 attempts.

Firing Karl Dorrell won't be a sure fire cure, but damn it it won't be a step in the right direction.

Only one word describes this team: Pathetic. Everyone associated with UCLA football ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Looks like the Thinker will have to fire a few more coordinators, because that's been really successful over the last few years. All the best teams have new offensive defensive coordinators every year.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rogue Wave: A Quick Recap

  • Port O'Brien opened, and they were perhaps the most polite band I've ever seen. And their music was decent too.
  • Third time I've seen Rogue Wave. The first was when they opened for AC Newman at the since closed Bottom Lounge. Saw them again a couple years ago at the Troubador, and they were really solid live. Last night was no different. For a band that took a lot of time off, they haven't lost their stage chops.
  • It didn't dawn on me until late in the show when Zach Rogue introduced the rest of the band, but Patrick Abernathy, who played bass, used to play with Beulah as well. I thought he looked familiar. We had a nice little chat about it after the show.
  • I'm not really one for yelling out song requests, but last night I was about 9 inches from the stage. Zach Rogue, the last two times I've seen him, has started the encore with a solo acoustic number. At the Troubador, it was Man, Revolutionary, and it was great. So I didn't so much yell as say it really softly, but loud enough for Zach to hear, as he was a few feet away. Right after, a guy about 10 feet behind me yelled for the same song. The conversation (my first ever in-show banter) then went like this:
    • Me: See, he wants to hear it too.
    • Zach (jokingly): I'll screw that one up.
    • Me: But you played it so well at the Troubador a couple years ago.
    • Zach (laughing): That's probably the last time I played it.
  • Decent set. 12 songs, and a four song encore. Except for the encore, this set list is actually complete and in order, a stark contrast to the normal incomplete and out of order set list. Don't get used to it. It's only because I was close enough to grab a copy of the list after the show:
    • Like I Needed
    • Harmonium
    • Every Moment (but in a different time signature, which quite frankly, I didn't care for as much)
    • Lullaby
    • Sewn Up
    • Ghost
    • Christians in Black
    • Publish My Love
    • Nourishment Nation
    • Chicago x12
    • Bird on a Wire
    • Lake Michigan
    • Postage Stamp World
    • Kicking the Heart Out
They're supposed to be back in the next few months, which would be cool. They really put on a nice show, and it's always money well spent.