Friday, November 06, 2009

Morning Mix 11/6/09

Let's get to it:
Lots of British stuff today until the Posies came in and broke the streak. Every time I hear Show Me Mary, I can never tell at the beginning whether it's that song or Wembley, by the Candy Skins. I'd post the vids, but Universal doesn't want me embedding videos, so here's the lovely Megan Hickey instead.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Morning Mix 11/5/09

Today's random commuter music:
This was like two sides of a mix tape, with the classic stuff on the first side and the contemporary stuff on side 2. Five of the first seven songs were released in the '80s, and the other two were mid-'90s. Also notable, three of these were released as b-sides (the other two from the Stone Roses). Finally, Art Brut followed Billy Bragg, and the song 'Fight' repeats the variations on the lyric "Some things are really best left unspoken but I prefer it all to be out in the open", which is lifted directly from Billy Bragg's hit 'Sexuality'. Funny coincidence.

I'm going to throw a change up today and post the Smiths' version of Jean.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Morning Mix 11/4/09

Here's today's commuting music:
Two things stand out today. After yesterday's sausage fest, we had some ladies today, with Anita Robinson taking vocals on Tornado Alley, and Emily Haines on Empty. Also, pretty poppy, with the exception of maybe Cracker. Also a bit odd to have both M79 and M62 Song in the same morning.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Morning Mix 11/3/09

See yesterday's post for details. Here's today's stuff:
  • Good Weekend - Art Brut
  • 303 - Kula Shaker
  • Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip - the Whigs
  • Timorous Me - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
  • Evil - Interpol
  • Going to Hell - Brian Jonestown Massacre
  • Mary Anne - Spacemen 3
  • The Holy Ground - the High Dials
  • The Ballad of Elton John - Simple Kid
  • A Good Man is Easy to Kill - Beulah
  • Jeepster - T. Rex
Pretty decent showing today. Good stuff to listen to on the train. I've seen eight of these bands live (8.5 if you give half credit for Spiritualized in place of Spacemen 3). Three of them this year. Here's some TL/Rx, who I just saw at the brand spankin' new Lincoln Hall about a week and a half ago. He played this song.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Morning Mix 11/2/09

In order to keep from totally ignoring this blog, I've decided that I'm starting a new series which will no doubt bore the crap out of everyone who stumbles by, but oh well. A little background: I have roughly 7,600 songs on my iPod, 99% of which are from albums I've either purchased and ripped to my computer, or albums I've downloaded through things like emusic (I think I only have 20 songs I've ever purchased from iTunes because of a gift card I received, and they're all almost all David Bowie). The rest are either one offs that I've downloaded from band's websites or places like Stereogum.

From that universe, I created a playlist of only the songs I really like to listen to, and ended up with about 2,500 songs. I listen to music on the train on the way to work, and with that playlist, I found myself skipping songs a lot if I wasn't in the right mood for what popped up. So I cut that list further, and reduced it to it's current 1,300+ songs.

A few weeks ago I decided that I was going to listen to that whole playlist straight through on shuffle. No skipping. I do this on the way to and from work, and while working out. What will appear here will be whatever popped up on a given morning. Granted, I'm about 400 songs or so into the process, but so be it.

Here's the mix for this morning, in order:
  • Something's Burning - the Stone Roses
  • Creep (the F-word version) - Radiohead
  • Drop It Doe Eyes - Los Campesinos!
  • Electricityscape - the Strokes
  • Elephant Stone - the Stone Roses
  • Gun in the Sun - Wavves
  • Company I Keep - White Rabbits
  • Receptacle for the Respectable - Super Furry Animals
  • Three Women - Stereolab
  • When Jokers Attack - The Brian Jonestown Massacre