Thursday, November 02, 2006

Probably nothing until Sunday

Heading to Palm Springs for a wedding, probably won't post until Sunday. May even miss the Bruins game, but since I don't think they're going to win, it won't kill me. Keep your fingers crossed on Rose, but don't hold your breath.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day Late for Halloween

But here's your scary music post:

And another non-scary one just for fun.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Derrick Rose back in the picture

Hotshot point guard out the Chicago Public League is back in the picture for the Illini after narrowing his list to five Adidas schools about a month ago, trimming the Nike aligned Illini in the process. All of the sudden, the door is back open, with Rose's list consisting of Illinois alongside previous destinations Indiana and Memphis. He was at a pre-season scrimmage and practice over the weekend. What's it mean? Who knows. I'm not getting my hopes up. Four pieces of speculation come to mind:
  1. He's not happy with what Adidas is offering, and he's yanking their chain a little bit in the hopes of landing a better package.
  2. He's yanking Illinois' chain just to be evil.
  3. He doesn't want to play in Jackass Gordon's shadow at Indiana.
  4. He's genuinely interested in attending Illinois.
Of course, three doesn't make much sense, since he could solve that by going to Memphis. 1, 2, and 4 seem about equally plausible to me. Like I said, I'm not getting my hopes up. Decision expected to come on Saturday.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just get it over with

There are so many things wrong with the way the Bruins played yesterday that it's impossible to catalog them all right now, but suffice to say, the second half was pathetic. The Bruins were completely outcoached on both sides of the ball. I'll give a little slack to the defense because it's not easy when the offense can't keep the other team off the field, and you're continuously heading out there after another three and out.

Two plays that stick out for me are a couple of third down plays where the Bruins needed about seven yards to pick up the first. Both times the play that was run was designed to go underneath. Got that? Not a play where Cowan went through his progressions and dumped it off. They were designed to put the ball in the receiver's hand short of the first down marker. That's just idiocy.

I stayed off the Fire Dorrell bandwagon for a long time before starting to come around this year. I'm not usually the type of guy that wants to see a coach fired. Hell, I hung with Andy Murray and the Kings for a LONG time. But Dorrell needs to be let go. It's over. I'd say fire him now and appoint an interim coach for the rest of the season, but I'm afraid they'd beat U$C and there'd be a push to keep the interim guy without doing a real search. I don't know what to think anymore. I just know I want to see a new guy at the helm next year.