Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rogue Wave: A Quick Recap

  • Port O'Brien opened, and they were perhaps the most polite band I've ever seen. And their music was decent too.
  • Third time I've seen Rogue Wave. The first was when they opened for AC Newman at the since closed Bottom Lounge. Saw them again a couple years ago at the Troubador, and they were really solid live. Last night was no different. For a band that took a lot of time off, they haven't lost their stage chops.
  • It didn't dawn on me until late in the show when Zach Rogue introduced the rest of the band, but Patrick Abernathy, who played bass, used to play with Beulah as well. I thought he looked familiar. We had a nice little chat about it after the show.
  • I'm not really one for yelling out song requests, but last night I was about 9 inches from the stage. Zach Rogue, the last two times I've seen him, has started the encore with a solo acoustic number. At the Troubador, it was Man, Revolutionary, and it was great. So I didn't so much yell as say it really softly, but loud enough for Zach to hear, as he was a few feet away. Right after, a guy about 10 feet behind me yelled for the same song. The conversation (my first ever in-show banter) then went like this:
    • Me: See, he wants to hear it too.
    • Zach (jokingly): I'll screw that one up.
    • Me: But you played it so well at the Troubador a couple years ago.
    • Zach (laughing): That's probably the last time I played it.
  • Decent set. 12 songs, and a four song encore. Except for the encore, this set list is actually complete and in order, a stark contrast to the normal incomplete and out of order set list. Don't get used to it. It's only because I was close enough to grab a copy of the list after the show:
    • Like I Needed
    • Harmonium
    • Every Moment (but in a different time signature, which quite frankly, I didn't care for as much)
    • Lullaby
    • Sewn Up
    • Ghost
    • Christians in Black
    • Publish My Love
    • Nourishment Nation
    • Chicago x12
    • Bird on a Wire
    • Lake Michigan
    • Postage Stamp World
    • Kicking the Heart Out
They're supposed to be back in the next few months, which would be cool. They really put on a nice show, and it's always money well spent.

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