Thursday, June 16, 2005

Baseball's Ike Turner

Sean channels Ike Turner, or probably more likely, Tim Meadows playing Ike Turner:
Guillen is baseball's Ike Turner, ladies and gentlemen. "Treat me with respect, you piece of garbage! You're a damn piece of garbage! Oh, baby, you know I don't mean that...c'mon back to Jose. Please? Jose loves you so much. Look, I brought you these flowers. Aren't they pretty? What are you still crying for? Look, will you just take the flowers? TAKE THE DAMN FLOWERS, BITCH!"
He doesn't allow comments, so I can't post this on his site, but damn, that's some funny stuff. Enjoy your deal with the Devil, Gnats fans.


Yuda said...

...Gnats fans.

Hrm. I must admit I haven't put in much consideration about our A-ball affiliate, but I suppose that if I were to visit Savannah, yes, I'd try to go out for a game and cheer them on.

Still, it seems odd to think we follow the minor league teams first and foremost.

Seitz said...

Sorry. Typo.