Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Corksuckers 4 + Cabrera 2; Angels 3

Well, the kid looks like he can pitch a little bit.

Two guys I didn't know were still alive: Carlos Baerga and Wil Cordero.

Unfortunately the wheels totally came off when Frank Robinson decided to have Donnelly's glove challenged. I don't know what they found, probably pine tar, but Shields was awful in the 8th, getting knocked all over the yard, including a homer to public enemy number one (yes, I've turned on Guillen as quiclkly as he turned on the Shields slider). If I'm Bart, the fist pitch I throw to Guillen tomorrow hits him square in the numbers, asssuming the rumor about him ratting Donnelly out is true.

Man, Frank Robinson's a real dick, isn't he?

Oh well, I can't talk about this one anymore. This is too depressing.

Orlando Cabrera sucks. Man, I can't say it any plainer than that. Guys in my softball league play shortstop better than that.

EDIT: Title update, Roman Moroney style. Ya know, for the kids. And thanks, Rob.


Yuda said...

Dude, Frank Robinson didn't put the illegal substance in Donnelly's glove.

Seitz said...

That doesn't change the fact that he's a dick. And not just because of last night. He's always been a dick. I just never really paid attention to his dickitude until last night.

Yuda said...

Yes, you're right. How *dare* he ask the umpires to enforce the rules!

Seitz said...

Yuda, you need to recognize the paragraph break. I dealt with the glove thing in the previous paragraph. Robinson being a dick was a separate observation. I didn't go into it in detail, mostly because it was late, and I was tired, but I base his being a dick not on the glove challenge, but on his reaction to Scioscia's comments, his ridiculous comments at yesteday's press conference, and the general feeling in baseball that he's got a pretty prickly personality.

I have no problem with him asking the ump to enforce the rules. But if you're going to have a guy checked, then you better be prepared to have it done right back to you, especially if there's no disincentive to do so. And you shouldn't fly off the handle when the opposing manager suggests that he is going to do exactly that.

And seriously, tell your readers to lighten up. I was kidding when I made the comment about Church.

Yuda said...

So, Mike Scioscia flies off the handle because the umpires enforced the rules and threatens Frank Robinson -- and Frank's the dick?

Of course, you're also the winner who hoped Ryan Church wasn't okay, so I shouldn't expect much in the way of class, should I?

Rob said...

yuda: close your mouth, or a fly'll get in.

Seitz said...

No, Yuda. You're not paying attention.

First, Scioscia didn't fly off the handle. He said that if you're going to have my pitchers checked, then I'm going to have your pitchers checked, and the short tempered Robinson got pissed off.

Second, Frank's a dick because he just is. It's not necessarily an opinion that out of the mainstream. If Frank hadn't done anything last night, he'd still be a dick. Some people are just dicks. Like A.J. Pierszynski, for example. Dude's just a dick. It's just that with Robinson, I happened to notice it last night, asked a couple of people about it, confirmed that it was a common opinion, and noted it in the above post.

The Ryan Church thing aside, which has been completely misunderstood, by the way (I'm glad he's not hurt, and I knew he wasn't hurt when I joked about it to begin with, and it was a direct response to a coment by Hudler), I find it really rich that you come over to my blog to attack me, completely misinterpret what I was saying (twice!), and then call *me* classless. Oh, the irony.

Yuda said...

By the way, when I say you're a dumbass, I'm just kidding.

Seitz said...

I'm not kidding when I say Frank Robinson's a dick.

Look, I'm trying to be civil and explain my position. If you feel the need to attack me personally, that's your right, and you're free to express it. I'm not sure what you're trying to gain, but hey, whatever.

Oh, and please enjoy your stay.

Anonymous said...

I think Yuda is displaying "Frank Robinson" like characteristics.

FatMan said...

"I told Frank we were going to undress his pitchers when they were on the mound to see if they had any pine tar in their glove."

Now *that* is a dick.

Seitz said...

Who asked you?