Saturday, October 08, 2005

UCLA 47; UC Berkeley 40

Really a terrific game. There were a lot of reasons the Bruins should have lost this game. Horrible penalties that negated big plays. A bad break on missed fumble call right before UC Berkeley's first touchdown. An inexplicable failure of about 8 guys to bring down Marshawn Lynch on a huge 3rd and ten, leading to the conversion, and ultimately another touchdown. Honestly, I though the Bruins had lost the game on that play.

Maurice Drew was outstanding, scoring 5 touchdowns on the day, three on the ground, one through the air, and another on a punt return. After last week's poor showing, he really made ammends tonight. Drew Olson did not have a particularly great game, probably due in part to Berkeley's focus on his primary weapon, Marcedes Lewis. Also impacting his numbers were bad penalties and a couple of drops, including one that would have gone for a score if hadn't gone right through "Clutch Receiver" Joe Cowan's hands.

With just under 10 minutes to play, I was composing in my head a post about how Karl Dorrel had lost this game by choosing to punt on fourth and short from around midfield. Instead, they faked it, getting the ball into the hands of Jarrad Page who rumbled for the first down and much more, setting up a big touchdown. For the second straight week, Marcus Everett made the key reception to set up the game winning touchdown.

This team still has some problems, mostly on the defensive line. The Bears ran all over the Bruins, although the defense did make some key big plays. Tonight's injury to Brigham Harwell is really going to hurt on the D-line. Major credit goes to Trey Brown as well, who's interception sealed the victory. Minutes earlier he allowed a reception on a play where Ayoob telegraphed his pass, but for some reason Brown peeled off the receiver, leading to about six yards on a play that should have gone for no more than three. But he made the right read at the right time, and he helped the Bruins get to 5-0.

The Bruins will be favored in the next four, and probably next five games. 10-0 going into the U$C game is a very real possibility. Dorrell won't survive a 2001 like implosion.

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