Monday, October 03, 2005


I suppose I ought to do one of these things before tomorrow. So without any rhyme or reason to them, here goes:

Angels over Yankees in four - The Yankees may have better pitching, as Alex Belth seems to think, but here's where he's wrong. The Angels will prevent runs better. And they'll do it better in this series. I've actually had this argument before, where one of us is talking about actual pitching ability, while the other is referring to run prevention in general. Fine. Split that hair if you like. The Angels are better at keeping runs off the board, and that's why they'll win this series.

White Sox over Red Sox in four - Every post-season needs one series that goes against what everyone predicts. This one will be it. Once again, run prevention will be the difference. They don't give MVPs for this series, but my pick to click is Aaron Rowand. You read it here first. Unless someone beat me to it.

Angels over White Sox in seven - The Angels will win a dramatic seventh game, with yours truly in attendance, after which I will take the red line to Fullerton, get off and walk east toward my apartment, and stop in at the Children's Hospital emergency room on the way, because I won't be leaving the Cell unscathed.

Cardinals over Padres in three - Every post-season needs on series that goes against what everyone predicts. This one won't be it.

Braves over Astros - Why? Because the Braves always beat the Astros in the playoffs. Except last year, but that was an anomoly.

Braves over Cardinals in six - Bobby Cox outmanages Tony LaRussa,, who am I kidding? I don't know dick about the National League anymore. I just want the Cardinals to lose.

Angels over Braves in six - The team that has been in the post-season forever loses to the team who will be in the post-season for the next forever.

There, it's saved for posterity.


Anonymous said...

That is quite a turn around from the guy who said the Angels wouldn't even make the playoffs. How does the ride on the bandwagon suit you?

Seitz said...

Do you even know what a bandwagon fan is?