Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rain out

Not that you come here for news or anything, but if you haven't heard, today's game is rained out. We'll do it again tomorrow. Big question as to who takes the pill. Gotta figure it's going to be Bart. He'll be on his normal rest. So what happens with Wash? Well, hopefully he keeps his mouth shut and doesn't make any waves. I feel for him. He's had a great year, and he wants to play. He's earned it. But for whatever reason, Scioscia doesn't quite trust him. This ESPN article, probably from AP, still says Washburn vs. Chacon. But don't be surprised to see Bart vs. Moose tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Bart in Game 4, Lackey in Game 5 if necessary. Scioscia can sell this to J-Dub that he'll get to start Game 1 in Chicago. I think even he will get it through his head that starting the probable Cy Young winner over him is a good thing to do.

matt said...


Scioscia decided to stick with Jarrod Washburn as his Game 4 starter and leave 21-game winner Bartolo Colon for Game 5 if it's needed. Colon planned to return to California later Saturday to get rest.

"Our confidence in Jarrod is high," Scioscia said. "Bart can use an extra day. It's been a long season for a lot of guys. We're going to have Bart and back him up with John Lackey if we need him in Game 5."

And a smart thing, too. Use the lefty against the lefties at Yankee Stadium; and if he wins, the rotation is set for the ALCS, just like the other guys.