Friday, October 07, 2005

JUST KIDDING!!! Implosion; Yankees lead series 2-1

It was all right there. A 5-0 lead with 18 outs to go. 18 is a lot, but so is 5 runs. A blast, an error, a 12 hop single, a bloop single, another walk, and a rip to the gap made short work of the five run lead. It cost the Yankees only three outs to take control of the game, of the series.

A few days from now, we'll all be asking why, in the pivotal game of the series, the pitcher with the fourth best ERA in the league couldn't get the ball in his hands. Even better on the road. Only Scioscia and Bud Black know that. This isn't to denigrate Paul Byrd, who did a tremendous job for the Angels this year, but is there anyone, anywhere, who can explain why Jarrod Washburn wasn't starting this game.

When this offense scores five runs, the team has to win. But let's face it. The teams that win in the playoffs have reliable offenses and good enough pitching staffs. If it was the other way around, the Braves would have won 10 World Championships. There will be a lot of questions this off-season, but the biggest will be "where are the runs going to come from?" The Yankees have the ability to come from behind. The same ability the Angels had in 2002. That's what wins.

The series isn't over. The Yankees still have to win one more. But the Angels are looking at a huge hill in front of them, and they need to find the strength to climb it. It would help if they had a lead off man who could get on base. So we sit, and we wait, and watch maybe only one more game. There's always hope, I guess.

**UPDATE** Well, maybe not. Double, single, single, single, and we're back in business. C'mon boys, let's get this thing done.

**Update 2**

So far this whole "Dewey defeats Truman" thing is working. So read the post above, take it to heart, and realize that we're winning, and we currently have the bases juiced with no one out. Thank God they no longer have El Duque, who worked out of this earlier today.

**Update 3**

I keep doubting, they keep winning. See, there's method to my madness, yeswecan. Do NOT doubt me. If I give up again, you know we're going to win.

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