Saturday, October 08, 2005

Comeback: Angels lead series 2 games to 1

Obviously, my last post was premature. Clearly, I'm drunk right now, mostly because I live about 200 feet from 10 different bars, but I digress. The bats woke up at the right time. This team, at least for one night, stepped up when they were needed the most. After blowing a 5-0 lead, they scratched, they clawed, they got an ump to make an honest call, and they got the effort out of the bullpen that they needed to take a 2-1 series lead. Worst case scenario, the Angels have Bart on full rest at home to win the series.

I spent the late afternoon at a bar downtown with Sox fans watching the White Sox winning their first post-season series in, like, forever. I've never seen my friends so happy. I remember that feeling from 2002.

It will be sad to see them lose the next series to the Angels.

Mostly, I'm glad I'll see Wash pitch again. He's had a great year, and I think he'll lead us to another round tomorrow. I'll admit it, I want J-Dub back in the fold for two more years, but I don't think the Angels will re-sign him. Let's make up for it by sending him out as a two time world champ.

Oh, and just a reminder, I am fucking wasted right now.


Pinko Punko said...

I dedicate the awesome riff from Magnapop's "Lay It Down" to this great victory.

Seitz said...

You've surely shown your rage.

Pinko Punko said...

I felt nothing today. Really, it was like, OK, I don;t have to suffer all month. Really the last 3 times in the playoffs having to go through the Yanks, just fucking so draining. The Angels big year, they just had a perfect year, everything went right and the ploughed the Yanks, and had a magic Series. Denying Bonds makes them one of my fave teams. But this year, it is like I just felt like the Sox didn't have the team, how could they be fun to watch when you have no confidence in ANYONE in the bullpen. Papelbon can't pitch every game.

Pinko Punko said...

I know you were quoting the song, I just had to talk about my lack of rage.

Anonymous said...

I was in New York this weekend and the Yankee fans weren't happy Friday night. It was quite interesting seeing people start chants in bars. The women watching the game were more vocal than the guys which surprised me as well.