Sunday, April 24, 2005

Two Birdies

Played my first semi-real round of the season out at Water's Edge. We didn't start until late in the day, and we were behind a big group, so we sort of jumped around a lot, and got about 20 holes in before it got dark. I hit the irons OK, but struggled off the tee for the first five or six, except for a three wood on 18 that I cranked. Figured out what I was doing on 8 (like I said, we jumped around), then put it into practice on nine, where I smoked one, the knocked it to about 8 feet before missing the birdie putt. On the signature 11th, a par five with a tight fairway and water down the right side, I hammered one down the middle, then knocked a two iron from 230, 215 of carry, to the right edge of the green. Hit the stick on the chip, and knocked in the putt for my first birdie of the year. Played the par 5 15th for the last hole of the day, hit a decent drive, kind of chunked a 3-iron, then knocked pitching wedge to about 5 feet. Made the putt for another birdie.

We didn't keep score because of the jumping around thing, but I figure I was good for an 83-85, and that's including the poor start. If I start hitting the range this month, I'd imagine that I'll be scoring as well as I did two years ago when I routinely breaking 80. If I can get off the tee like I did on Thursday, I should play well. I'd like to fire a low number at Cog Hill this year. I know I can bust the 81 I shot there last year.

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