Monday, April 25, 2005

The Raveonettes

I know that sound doesn't travel as fast as light, but did Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers just recently reach the shores of Scandanavia? I'm somewhat intrigued by their "Jesus and Mary Chain does late '50s American rock and roll" schtick, but the new album is striking me as somewhat pedestrian. I defy you to listen to it a few times and distinguish one track from the next. It's not bad music, and I'll probably sit through most of their show at the Double Door. But I'll be honest, I'm glad that the band that I truly want to see will be playing earlier on the bill. I sort of doubt I'll sit through the encore. And it sucks that Autolux won't be headlining, because it means they'll play a shorter set, and probably won't even get all the way through their album. On the plus side, as an opening act, I'll probably get a pretty good spot to stand. I don't think I've ever bought a ticket solely to see an opening act. Also, it could mean that Carla Azar is hanging around afterwards.

1 comment:

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