Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Pride of Duke University

As I'm writing this, the Dodgers are threatening in th first inning against the D-Backs, who feature one Quinton McCracken. As he came to the plate for his first inning at bat, the golden throated Vin Scully called him "The Pride of Duke University". I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that this was the first time he had been referred to as such. Why, you ask? Well let's take a look.

Mr. McCracken has played 10 seasons in the majors. In that time he has hit 19 home runs, stolen 83 bases, and is a career .279 hitter. His career OPS is .722, and his career OPS+ is 81, well below average. These are certainly respectable numbers, and let's face it, just making the majors is a hell of an accomplishment. Great job, Q.

But pride of the University? This is a university that has had at least one Nobel Prize winner (per their website). They've had a law grad go on to be president of the United States (in McCracken's defense, it *was* Nixon). They have had four national championships in the last 15 years or so, and bunch of final fours. Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Jay Williams. Chris Duhon's rib! And let's not forget Annabeth Gish.
inpiration for first Smashing Pumpkins album

Vin, not everyone who attended a university is the pride of that university. The day I'm the pride of UC Riverside is the day that it's renamed California Men's Correctional Facility at the Riverside Citrus Station.

Of course, this came on the heels of calling Craig Counsell the Pride of Notre Dame. Don't even get me started. He's no more the Pride of Notre Dame than he is the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I love Vin Scully (though I hate the Dodgers), but sometimes I'm reminded that he is in fact an old man. An old man who needs to fill some dead air now and then. Not that I would ever become one of those psychos who used to write to the Times and complain about Chick Hearn or anything. Vin *is* the Dodgers as far as I'm concerned, and I wish him many more years in the booth. It won't be the same when he's gone.

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