Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Angels 5; Yankees 1

Boy, this one looked like big trouble early, but a nice play by GA kept a run off the board with none out in the first, and had the added benefit of causing Jeter pain. I would have settled for the pain, but cutting the run off at the plate was nice too. Anyway, back to back doubles by Vlad and GA plated one, GA drove in two more with a bomb to left center, and Methuselah added a two run shot of his own over the short porch, accounting for all five Angel runs. J-dub was remarkably effective, holding the Yanks to one run, getting a few strikeouts, and inducing a few double plays. If he can keep getting the double play ball, it will be a very big unexpected benefit from a fly ball pitcher.

D-Mac added another double, and made a few very nice plays at third base. Started a double play (maybe two), and made a nice diving stop and quick throw to get a force at second for the third out of whatever inning he did it in. He's not going to gobble the ball up like Glaus did when healthy, but if he make good throws, he might make up for that, considering it was always an adventure when Glaus let loose, or at least it seemed that way.

Big win to keep pace after the White Sox couldn't get it done against Kirk Sarloos, which will keep Dan Meyer in the minors for another week or two. All across America, fantasy baseball players in leagues with lax rules for postition qualification are snatching up Jermaine Dye like hawks picking off defenseless field mice. Speaking of defenseless, they're doing it because he played an inning at short, replacing the already out of position Joe Crede, forced to short by the injuries to Uribe (Guzzlers starting shortstop) and Ozuna.

Speaking of the Guzzlers, big day today. Couple of homers from Derrek Lee, and very nice 90+ point effort out of Jeremy Bonderman. Mind you, I'm writing this before the inevitable "Gasoline-on-fire" performance art piece from Jeff Weaver (who, in all fairness, got out of the first inning without any damage). A nice 6-0 week could make up for some really crappy performances the last two weeks.

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