Sunday, April 24, 2005

Angels - 1; Athletics - 0

The calendar reads 2005, but the run support for Kelvim Escobar remains the same. The Angels couldn't put one on the board until Kelvim was long gone, but he was outstanding in his first start of the season. Joe Blanton was just as good on the other side, although he needed a bit more help from his defense. Kielty's diving catch in the sixth prevented a run. Steve Finley hit one where no one could defend, and Scot Shields and Frankie made sure that the run held up. Shields was a bit a punching bag, getting hit in the hand and the ass, but recording outs on both balls. Frankie had to pitch out of a bit of a jam, as Maicer Izturis was able to chuck one into what must be the only three feet of the dugout that isn't protected by a short fence, which allowed the A's to put a runner on second with two outs in the ninth.

Two out of three from the A's is nothing to complain about, but the Angels really need to start putting some wins together. The division is still waiting for someone to break from the pack, and right now no one seems to want to. Although, I should note that if not for some late game heroics by the A's on Friday, the Angels would be winners of five in a row. Oh well, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

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Anonymous said...

roger clemens feels blanton's pain...

and you DO have, um, a LOT in common with, what's his name, shredder

baseball chick