Thursday, October 09, 2008

What to Do - Mark Teixeira

Third in the ongoing theft of idea's from the Rev.

So, what to do with Teixeira?

Sign him. Next question.

In all seriousness, I say something around 7-8 years, up to roughly 22 million per, depending on how crazy the market gets. Remember that the idea behind not spending too much is that you can use that money on, say, two good players. But if the market goes nuts and the two guys you could get for $11MM each now cost $15MM each, then you have to go higher for the premium players like Teixeira. If the Yankees just blow everyone out of the water, which seems to be the indication, then there's not much you can do except try to bid them up and make them pay more than the want to.

I can't see him signing in the exclusivity window. There's just too much market uncertainty to sign at a comparable number from last year. I think he's got to test the market and see how it shakes out. I'd put the odds on him coming back to Anaheim around 6-1. I'm not optimistic.

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bly-lovin said...

I agree basically with everything you said. A 7-8 year deal for around $22 million per sounds about right. I remember Arte noting that he paid $184 million or something like that for the entire TEAM when asked about signing ARod, so I doubt he'd be willing to spend that kind of money on just one player. I love Tex, really want to see him back, but I know it just isn't going to happen.

So what happens now? Reagins seems pretty astute. I want Dunn, Abreu, or Burrell but he won't do something that obvious. It'll probably be something no one thought of, like the Garland trade and Hunter signing. Signing Orlando Hudson, trading Howie in a package for Uggla or something like that? Or signing Hudson and trying Howie at 3b or LF? Furcal? Taking a chance on Milton Bradley? Bringing in Ibanez to play 1b until Trumbo is ready? I love off-season speculation, just depressed that I'm doing it so early...