Sunday, October 05, 2008

Reason #973 that Red Sox fans are the biggest douchebags in sports fandom

They boo a Mike Napoli trip to the mound. Apprently only Jason Varitek is allowed to make 359 trips to the mound per game.


Marcus said...

The way they cheered after Napoli got hit was what really pissed me off. They were cheering louder for that than they did for Ellsbury's three-run "single."

Pinko Punko said...

Yeah, because the people that have the money to get into that game are representative of all Sox fans. And like they are different than any other fans in baseball.

Seitz said...

As I've said many times before, and as I'm sure I'll say many times going forward, whether it be at an Angels game, or a White Sox game, or a Tigers game, there is no lower form of life than a red sox fan at a road game.

And dude, I'm sorry, but if you can't judge a fan base by, ya know, the people who go to their games, then how the hell does one judge a fan base?

Pinko Punko said...

38K go to the games. Millions don't. Some assholes go to road games to drink beers and be assholes. Any frontrunners or bandwagons are gonna do that. I have to watch the Sox play from the cheap A's seats. Trust me, A's fans, if I want to judge them by the assholes that choose to interact with me just based on my Sox hat and the fact that I cheer for my team on the road, are major league assholes, except I know that not all A's fans are like that. I understand that home fans are gonna be pissed when there are 10-15 thousand Sox fans at their games, but sports are kind of dumb and fans are kind of dumb, and I just want to eat some good tailgate food and watch some baseball. I don't really care about true fans or bandwagons. It will always be the same forever and no team is any different than any other. You hate the fuck out of Jazz fans, and the Jazz never win, so they seem like they are good fans by some criteria.

I mean, you threatened to murder Rapuano on this very blog, but I know you love baseball and are not a thug. I know I've booed every Yankee doing anything at a game, and I'm sure if Posada came to the mound I would boo him at the game, would I boo him at home, no. Fans just do stuff at games. They are there to have fun and yell and scream. They live in a country that is going down the tubes and Sox games ain't cheap. People can blow off some steam.

Marcus said...

Sorry pinko, but I live in Boston, and the fans are the biggest douchebags in sports fandom. Ask any random sample of 10 people wearing Sox hats and 9 of them will tell you they think Papelbon is a funny dancer, "but that's all I really know about him."

A's fans are also assholes. It's well-documented. I mean, they like the Raiders, for chrissakes.

Pinko Punko said...

Hey, I like that in Boston there are about a million hangers on. This is how any town would be if the team is winning, except it's a much higher percentage in Boston. There aren't that many towns where you can literally seen ANYBODY in a Sox hat. It's kind of cool. I'm talking emo kids, hip hoppers, executives. Sports are kind of dumb, but I'll take somebody that won't be suicidal when the Sox lose over trigger finger armchair managers screaming their heads off on 'EEI anyday.

The best part of the part time fans is that they don't know who Glenn Ordway or Dennis Callahan are, and they don't read Dan Shaughnnesy. They like Remy, and they don't mind if the game is on the radio at work. Sounds like a good deal to me.