Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Failure

It's getting pretty old. Everyone who wears Angels red for these games thinks they can win, with the exception of the 25 guys wearing it on the field. They play afraid. They play like they think they don't deserve to be there. They are truly not ready for prime time. And they've done it for four consecutive post-seasons. It really makes 2002 that much more unbelievable.

Clearly Howie Kendrick will go down as the goat, and it was such an otherwordly awful post-season for him that I really have no idea how he'll react. Almost everything he did hurt the team. John Lackey was as good as he could have possibly been, but the offense just cashed it in. Almost no timely hits in the whole series. No power, with the exception of Mike Napoli in game three. And I'm talking extra base power, not just home runs. They played like they didn't believe they could win, and they deserved to lose.

Right now I don't really care about 2009. This team is absolutely deflating to root for. I really like Mark Teixeira, but I hope for his sake he goes to a team that can compete in October, because he didn't finish the season with one. So long, Frankie. Thanks for all you did you for the Angels, and good luck wherever you land. That goes for you too, Garret. For so many years I lamented the Angels' inability to make the playoffs. I'm finding that repeated failure in which they don't even put forth a professional effort is even worse.

Go Phillies, and Go Rays. I hope they take down the two piece of shit franchises remaining


Pinko Punko said...

A super close series with little or no bad blood. Some great Angels pitching and poor defense. Why does this make the Sox a POS? I of course can see rooting for the Rays because they are awesome and a great story. The baseball was pretty decent in this series in terms of tense games with lots of opportunities. The AL East was murder this year and the Angels would have destroyed the White Sox. Lester was awesone,

Texeira was really, really good, and Vlad wasn't given anything to hit.

Seitz said...

Because, present company excluded, they have the most despicable fanbase in professional sports.

And Teixeira certainly outperformed just about everyone else, but no extra base hits is a fairly glaring statistic.

Pinko Punko said...

I thought they were being massively careful with Texeira. Somehow the Sox almost had the luxury of being able to put Tex and Vlad on a bunch of times, and this falls on Torii Hunter. This was one of the strange parts of the series, whether it was anemic Angels O or awesome Sox pitching, the situations were such that I think Tex was taking the hits he was given, and Vlad wasn't really given anything.

I think the Angels were a very good team that had a little inflation due to being in the AL West. I think they are in pretty good shape if they take a run at Tex (but his agent is Boras, right?) and probably should let K Rod walk. K Rod last night was the K Rod of domination but the other nights he was average.

The outcome of this series allows me to say it was entertaining, but yeah, if I were an Angels fan, the deep frustration would be crushing. I think the Sox played well with very good defense and very efficient play, while the Angels were profligate on defense and offense. If we judge the game by the "run of play" I'd say this should have been a toss up in five. From a baseball entertainment standpoint for non-Rays, non-Angels fans there were a lot of clutch plays and very exciting at bats. This reminded me of some of the better close series I have seen (in contrast the the ultra weird ALCS last year where the games never seemed close and were weird).

Hang in there dude.

Anonymous said...

On the bright side you don't have to hate the Rays now and you'll have time to catch up on Always Sunny. Get on it.

Rob said...

And why the kid gloves with Teixeira, anyway? No extra-base hits from him in the postseason. Sure, he was on base a ton, but so what? He's supposed to be in the hitting-the-ball-hard part of the lineup, and to say he disappointed was an understatement. I remember thinking to myself that he's exactly the sort of player that George Steinbrenner was thinking of when he derisively called Dave Winfield "Mr. May" for his disappearance in the World Series.

Seitz said...

A 1.017 OPS is disappearing? With tremendous defense to boot? I think you're stretching, Rob. I think it's fair to point out that he didn't deliver an extra base hit, but I think you're crazy if you think he's in any way responsible for this failure.