Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Couple Days Removed

Now that the initial shock has subsided, I'm warming to this trade a little bit. I still don't think it's really in the long term interests of the club. I still think that the Angels are not likely to sign Teixeira. I still think that their pursuit of Teixeira will cost them Frankie as well.

But the positives, as have mentioned mentioned numerous places, include the likelihood of picking up four picks before the second round, and they free up plenty of money to sign those guys. In addition, if Kendry Morales' recent display indicate a real improvement, then he may not be a huge downgrade over Kotchman. To top it off, Kotchman's comments about no ties to the franchise, and the sentiment that he was not pleased with Scioscia's decision to sit him against some lefties makes it a bit easier to wave goodbye.

This team, as currently constructed, is proving that they are the best team in baseball, and as I mentioned the other day, I do believe that this makes the Angels better right now, no question. It's (hopefully) going to be a long two months while we all wait for the post-season to get underway, but if everyone remains healthy, then the Angels should be the odds on favorite for the World Series. I can live with that.


Rob said...

I can live with it, albeit somewhat uneasily. Mark Trumbo and Kendry Morales are an "answer" to first, though it's hardly clear they'd provide what Kotch did; Kendry has had health issues, and Trumbo has had to repeat levels multiple times. Anybody whose offensive value is set in the Cal League obviously is suspect (see Jeff Mathis, at least). I would maintain that Trumbo gets another half season at AA at least after this one unless he continues raking the way he has in his first three games or so.

The most compelling justification to this deal is Christina Kahrl's observation that sometimes you just have to go for it. This is the Angels' last real shot at a title in some time. Making the team that much better and getting some offensive insurance for Vlad (either as protection or in case he starts slumping, take your pick) is a good thing. I think you're probably right (was that you at BTF?) when you said that the decline starts in November.

Seitz said...

I don't think it's their last real shot for sometime at all. As long as they have those four starters (minus Garland, who is good but replaceable), they're going to be very competitive. And if they don't re-sign Tex or Frankie, they'll still have a solid pen (though not as good as it could be), and they'll have the money to shore up the offense, assuming Reagins spends it better than Stoneman. I also think they'll shop Matthews before eventually cutting bait. In the past, they've shown that they understand a sunk cost (Appier, Finley).

With their young staff, though, they'll be competitive for at least a few more years. And with that part of the team set, they can focus on keeping the offense solid.

Seitz said...

I think you're probably right (was that you at BTF?) when you said that the decline starts in November.

Yeah, that was me, and assuming they don't re-sign either of their big free agents, they will be worse next year. But they'll still be good, and unless the Rangers find pitching, they will still be the favorites in the division. I don't think the A's will be completely back until 2010.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the article in the USA Today about FRod? Doesn't sound like he intends to re-up with the angels anyway. You won't miss his over the top antics after every save he almost blows.

Seitz said...

I'll miss them when his replacement is actually blowing saves. I'll take "almost" blown saves over blown saves any day. And I couldn't give a shit about his antics.

mattwelch said...

This is the Angels' last real shot at a title in some time.

I'll second Seitz' raspberry. The core of the team is its young rotation & its young infield, which will likely only keep improving in the near term, especially after Wood & S-Rod establish themselves (hopefully making Izturis or Aybar expendable in a Matt Kemp trade!).

As for second thoughts, you know, Fat Man was the one who broke this news to me over the phone, and my first reaction was to be upset. It's just such a shock from the Angels' anti-Bavasi M.O. of the past 9 years, there was no place to put this new information. But we just became the WS favorite, for the cost of one player who is nearly replaceable. I'll take that.