Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thank God for the AL West

The Angels may win the division only because every team sucks a little more than them. Then again, if they can't beat the Royals, and apparently they can't consistently, they'll find themselves in the cellar before too long.

Two hits. That's what they mustered today. Two goddamned hits. They've managed three runs in their last two games. Against the Royals.

These guys fucking suck.


Kenneth said...

Easy Bill.

Yeah, splitting 4 with the Royals suck, but its not the end of the world. They went 4-3 on the road trip. I will take it.

Seitz said...

It's OK, Ken, you're a new reader. You'll get used to the bi-polarism.

Marcus said...

I mean honestly, this wouldn't be half as fun if you weren't constantly fliping between "these guys fucking suck" and "what a great game." There are plenty of places to find fanboys and haters, but why not try both at once?