Sunday, April 29, 2007

Angels 3; White Sox 0; Ted Leo - Awesome

Missed most of tonight's game because I was at the Ted Leo and the Pharmacists concert. Dude can rock the house like no other, but I digress.

Here's the meat: Jered Weaver - 5.2 scoreless. Mr. McMillin, I believe the floor is yours. If you require any assistance, allow me:
  1. 5.2 innings and 107 pitches? You can't be successful if you keep that up!
  2. Five Ks? That's not even one per inning!
  3. I just can't see how a pitcher can be successful if he allows six hits in fewer than six innings. That looks like something Jeff would do.
But I kid Rob. I kid because I love.

And hey! Six runs is like, more than they had on the entire last road trip, right? And two homers in two games, neither by Vlad, that's gotta be a record!

Boy, I really hope they start hitting on the road soon.

Enjoy some Ted.

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