Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Angels 3; Royals 1

I'm not sure there's a lot to say about this one. They still aren't scoring many runs on the road. And as good as the pitching was, it's hard to get excited about holding the Royals to one run.

Still, Lackey overcame some early Lackey-itis and started to work through some efficient middle innings, which allowed him to get into the seventh, where Speier shut the door. Shields walked a guy with no power who he had down 1-2 before breezing through the rest of the inning, and Frankie gave up a lead off double before striking out the side for his ninth save. And boy is he going to have a lot of saves this season if he stays healthy. Because they aren't going to be winning a lot of blowouts. If they have a lead in the ninth, there's a really good chance it will be within three runs.

Figgins looked pretty solid in his 2007 debut, poking an RBI double to left field, which could have been good for two RBIs if the runners hadn't been forced to hold, waiting to see if the ball was caught. He also started an excellent, yet dubious double play, which featured a terrific turn by Erick Aybar, though it was pretty clear that Estaban German beat the throw to first. They're going to need to make room for Aybar somewhere next year. That guy is a lot of fun to watch in the field.

HGHMJ made a nice second inning peg to nail Ryan Shealy at the plate and keep the lead at 2-1. He's really starting to deliver. Speaking of runners being thrown out, note to Vlad: Please stop getting thrown out at third. It's starting to get a little ridiculous.

Big Bart tomorrow against Zach Greinke in what should be another low scoring affair.


Josh said...

The funny thing about Vlad getting thrown out at 3rd is that as soon as I saw the OF drop the ball when he tried picking it up, I knew that Vlad was going for the extra base. And then as soon as he made the first throw, I knew Vlad was out by a mile.

Seitz said...

I felt the same way. It was like watching a bad movie for the third time.

Kenneth said...


I assume this is for Gary Matthews.

I get the HGH, but what is the MJ for?

Also, after the first road trip, I am happy for any road victory. Even a squeaker over the Royals.

Seitz said...

Combination of HGH and GMJ, as in Gary Matthews Jr. It's a lame attempt at being clever.

Kenneth said...

Yeah, I finally figured it out this morning. BTW, this is Ken Lamb. After your last e-mail, I figured I was smart enough to find you.

Seitz said...

Yeah, based on the timing, I figured it was you.