Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just a short one tonight

I have to get up early tomorrow.

Do. Not. Count. This. Team. Out. Another terrific comeback victory, and the big thing is, other than the home run the other night, which they didn't really need, they're doing a lot of this without Vlad at his best. he can carry a team for two or three weeks, and he will at some point, but the fact that they're winning without his big contributions is very nice.

Give some props to Joe Saunders, who struggled early, but kept them in the game and got it to the bullpen within striking distance. Similar thanks should go to Chris Bootcheck, who got the job done when called up, as well as Frankie and Shields (but we expect it from them).

The OC was the player of the game with the walkoff double to go along with a homer and an RBI single.

And how about giving some credit to Dino Ebel! Twice he sent guys that should have been out by ten feet, but they must have some sort of scouting report that says run all over the Pirates defense, because he got them two runs that they may not otherwise have scored tonight. And both runners (Napoli and Haynes) looked like they did not expect to be sent. The tying run especially was enormous, because you just can't be sure whether you're going to get another chance.

Nice way to start the series.

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Anonymous said...

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