Monday, June 18, 2007

Enough about Adam Dunn already

The Angels should make a run at Dunn, or whatever other power bat they can find, then send Hillenbrand packing.
So says Jonah Keri over at I like Adam Dunn. I had him on my fantasy team a couple years ago and even kept him last year over a bunch of really good guys, including Derek Lee (before all the injuries).

Let's say a guy was about to hit the market who hit 310/362/525 last year in the AL. Let's also say that the price the Angels would have to pay for this guy in terms of players/prospects and additional salary is a big fat nothing. Let's also assume that unlike Adam Dunn, the guy isn't a total butcher in the field, meaning that acquiring him would allow the Angels to DH Vlad more frequently down the stretch, keeping him rested for potential post-season play. I'd imagine that this would be the type of player that writers would say the Angels should go out and get.

Do people not realize that Juan Rivera will probably be back in a month or so? And that he'll be free? And that he's been pretty good the last year and a half? And that he can also play at least average defense?

Personally, I'd rather have a month of Hillenbrand, followed by Rivera the rest of the way, and hold on to the starting pitcher, major league infielder, and top prospect that the Reds are asking for over a few months of Adam Dunn, who won't come cheap, and will likely be a free agent at the end of the year if he gets dealt during the season.


Kenneth said...

Agreed. This is one of the times that I think Stoneman should take no action. Of course, watch him surprise all of us and make this deal.

Chone said...

I'd like to have both Dunn and Rivera on the team. No guaranty Rivera will be 100%, or that Willits can keep it up, or that somebody else gets hurt.

I guess it depends on what we have to give up.