Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hooray for third party videos!

This video was made by a fellow Angels fan (the Goat, apparently), and recently posted to Youtube. Read more about the deal in this thread at the Rev's site. It's for "OX4", which is probably the best song on Ride's 'Going Blank Again' album, although it's unquestionable overshadowed by the opening track "Leave Them All Behind", which is the second video down. Enjoy. And I'll just note, one the crappy things about videos and songs on the radio is the good stuff they cut out to package it into a few minutes. One of the best parts of LTAB is the two minute introduction, which is entirely cut out for the video.

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imjudyb said...

At least the Angels finally got the right Weaver back - and the Kings signed Rob Blake for two years.