Thursday, June 29, 2006

Farmar Stays Home

Not exactly the way we were hoping he would, but Jordan Farmar was selected by the Lakers with the 26th pick in the draft. Of course, I watch the NBA about as frequently as I update this blog, so while I root for the Lakers, my interest in professional basketball is virtually nil. However, it's nice to see Jordan selected in the first round, and it's good to know that he'll be staying in LA. As someone mentioned over at Bruins Nation, I'm not sure he's the perfect fit for that system. The trianle offense doesn't really require a true point guard, and you'd usually prefer someone at that position with a little more size. But that assumes that the Lakers will be playing for Phil Jackson or a protege for much of Jordan's career, which they probably won't. I can't imagine much will be expected of him next year, but you never really know how a guy is going to adjust.

Ryan Hollins was also selected, going with the 50th pick to the Charlotte Bobcats. Just goes to show you how different the pro game is from the college game. Hollins went one pick after Leon Powe, who has ten times the skill of Ryan Hollins. But Hollins is tall, and can leap out of the building.

The Illini made a little noise as well. James Augustine went to Orlando with the 41st pick, and in effort to increase the sale of their merchandise in Central Illinois, the Utah Jazz selected Dee Brown with the 46th pick, reuniting him with former backcourt mate Deron Williams. The Jazz instantly became the second favorite team for a lot of Bulls fans, if not outright favorite. As much as I despised the Jazz in the Malone and Stockton days, I admit I'll be rooting for them now.

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Tim Moore said...

the lakes got a steal with that one.