Sunday, June 25, 2006

Haven't posted much

A short vacation and a mediocre team to follow will do that to a guy. The Angels continue to muddle along at a pace that will seem them reach .500 sometime around never, and with the A's making their patented mid-season surge, the whole "we're still within striking distance" thing will no doubt be over soon. Meanwhile, Jered Weaver's alleged mental issues with being demoted appear to be far fetched, as he absolutely dominated in his second AAA start since inexplicably being demoted over a week ago. He struck out 14 and gave up two hits in a complete game shutout. Well done, braintrust.

Across the globe, the U.S. got dicked in both games against Italy and Ghana, and predictably limped home after failing to make it out of group play. The English have yet to play an inspired match, but they also have yet to lose. Only they and the Germans remain among teams I'm fond of now that the Dutch have bowed out in one of the most poorly officiated games of the tournament. Someone explain to me how it's not a penalty when you kick a guy in the chest in the 18 yard box.

The NHL entry draft was yesterday, and well, I didn't even know about it. Anyway, Pavol Demitra is gone, making my decision to get my most recently purchased jersey customized with Lubomir Visnovsky all that much more prescient. In return, they get a top prospect Patrick O'Sullivan, who's American, and with the pick they received in the deal, drafted Trevor Lewis, who also appears to be American. So thumbs up as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, I was kind of writing just to write today, so that's what you get.


Pinko Punko said...

Seitz, like I said over at 3b, the ref lost control, but Portugal would not have been controlled- they just got worse and worse. There should have been a penalty and Figo should have been off, and who knows what else. Dirty, dirty team ruins an amazing goal by Maniche (with support from Christian Ronaldo)

po said...

that game was a streetbrawl...the netherlands is not the same w/o their orange jerseys...are the angels like the only AL team with a losing record in interleague play?