Thursday, December 08, 2005


Wow. I know it's only 2-0 after one period, but I feel comfortable saying that this one is pretty much on the way to being over. This Kings team is S-L-O-W. They're being outplayed in every facet of the game for the sixth straight game, only one of which they've won thanks to Mathieu Garon. They're being outskated, outpassed, outhit, outshot, and just plain outclassed. Their special teams are special in that 'short-bus' sort of way. What's really amazing is that their opponents seem to know everything Kings players are going to do as soon as the Kings get the puck, which is really surprising, because I don't think the Kings have any clue what they're going to do when they get the puck.

It's too bad it's a Thursday, because if this game were tomorrow night, I could be drinking heavily. It looks like I'll be sick either way.

The snow falling outside is at least a nice diversion.


Better second half of the second period, and much better third period, but not enough, and the Kings lose their fifth in six games, and the sixth in eight games. Frolov = nothing. Conroy = nothing. Demitra = less than nothing. The Kings will not win, ever, if their top line can't produce.


Anonymous said...

The slogan for this year should be: "More of the same!"

How many "great" starts have we had over the last 10 years that have disintegrated into pathetic, middle-of-the-road or worse seasons?

We need a second line. Speed. Skill. A power play that doesn't suck ass. And a true #1 goaltender, not this rotation nonsense. Let Garon start 8 of the next 10.

J. Michael Neal said...

I'd love a #1 goalie. By that, I mean that it would be nice if Manny Legace would stay healthy. Jimmy Howard is going to be fantastic, and Osgood is all right, but the Wings need Legace back.

Also, while I thought that our defense might lack some depth, who in the world thought that it would be Kronwall and Fischer that are done?

Seitz said...

Second line? We need a first line! We need any line that can create some momentum. Right now, the Belanger line is playing the best. They'd be fine if they could a) kill a penalty, and b) get some production out of their top line. But I'm not optimistic about either of those things happening soon.