Friday, December 09, 2005

JC is an Angel

Link is in the title.

JC Romero for Alex Casilla. He had a very good part of the year this season, and at times was really considered a break out candidate, although the Chronicler will be able to tell you more than I could. Here are his numbers from last season. Pretty good at Cedar Rapids, with, predictably, less success at the higher levels. He's 21, so those numbers at Cedar Rapids aren't at super prospect levels, but that's not too bad.

Romero helps the bullpen, provides solid lefty relief, and didn't cost a whole lot to get. Let's face, theh Angels are swimming in middle infielders. Looks like a good deal to me.


Anonymous said...

This is a trade I can definitely get behind. We finally get a lefty reliever with some game, a guy who has playoff experience, and who doesn't have to be the go-to setup man because of Shieldsy. Walks aside, his numbers last year (3.47 e.r.a., 48 k's in 58 innings) were solid. If he can come anywhere near his 2002 numbers, though (9-2, 1.89 e.r.a. in 81 appearances), this will be a stellar steal of a trade.

Now swap Ersty and Cabfare + a prospect for Tejada and Lopez.

Seitz said...

Not sold on Javy. He's essentially a more expensive Juan Rivera who can catch once a week. Not that he isn't a good player. I just don't think the Angels need him.