Thursday, December 08, 2005

Inside the wacky mind of Bill Stoneman

Bill Stoneman in today's LA Times on the decision to not offer arbitration to Bengie Molina:
"We were leaning toward arbitration with Bengie, but with the emergence of Mathis and right behind him, Mike Napoli, I didn't want to throw up a roadblock that would impede them,"
Bill Stoneman, last week: Offers Paul Konerko a five year contract which would have effectively blocked Casey Kotchman and/or Kendry Morales.

Bill Stoneman last year: Signs Orlando Cabrera to a four year deal, at last one year of which (if not two) will block Brandon Wood, Erick Aybar, or Alberto Callaspo, and hell, we'll throw in Howie Kendrick too, since he's another middle infielder.

Honestly, I don't get this deal. Mathis had a decent year, but it wasn't like he was really busting out and creating a big problem for the Angels. Another half year or so of seasoning in AAA couldn't hurt, although he's probably ready to be on a major league roster. Plus, the Molina boys haven't exactly been unbreakable. One, if not both, will break down a bit at some point this season. Worst case scenario with Bengie would have been a one year deal. My objection to retaining Bengie going into the off-season was the likelihood of it taking a multi-year deal to bring him back. With that prospect out of the way, I honestly don't see why this decision was made. It's a poor decision.

In other news, Wash is done for good, as we've known. I can see his point, though. He seems to have not been treated well by the top brass for whatever reason, but then again, he's the only one talking, so we're only hearing one side of the story. Good luck in Milwaukee, Jarrod. I'll never forget the gem against Minnesota in the 2002 ALCS, nor will I forget his first win, a fight marred evening in KC when Felix Hernandez Martinez sucker punched Frank Bolick and sent the entire Angels squad into rabid dog mode.

The Angels are working on a deal to send Josh Paul to Tampa Bay. Honestly, I can't imagine what it would bring in return. But if it brings anything of value, it's a good deal. He has a cool wife, though, one that isn't afraid to make jokes denigrating her husband's star status on the air.


Anonymous said...

Could mean that Piazza is on his way to the Angels. at worst, he could catch a game a week to spell the Molina/Mathis combo.

As to what Stoneman is thinking, at this point, who the fuck knows.

The funniest thing this offseason has been KC asking for Kotchman and Wood for Sweeney--the idiots in their front office prove once again why KC is such a joke of a franchise. Casey for Sweeney straight up is a bad deal, for f's sake.

matt said...

Konerko would have only blocked Morales in 2007 at the earliest, and only if Anderson is healthy then, which is a 50-50 proposition. Cabrera ain't blocked anybody yet, and won't until 2007 at the earliest.

If Mathis was gonna be ready in 2006 (and I don't necessarily think he is), Molina was blocking him, the way that Erstad/Finley blocked Kotchman, more or less, this year. And Napoli, I think, is ready for AAA, so in a sense Molina/Mathis were blocking *him*.

Basically, I probably woulda offered arb to Bengie, too; but if Stoneman's gonna err on the side of giving kids opportunities, and if the worse that we can say about his signings is that they block guys a year or two down the line, then that ain't at all bad.

And who knows? Now that Boston lacks a SS, you might see that position get a bit unblocked over in Angel-land....

NFL Adam said...

Hey, Mathis almost hit .280 in AAA this year!

Anonymous said...

who was it in that fight that just went ape shit? I thought it was Nevin and Erstad. Or was it nevin and walbeck?

I just remember a few guys in a full on sprint. I remeber being fascinated yet almost frightened when Bolick was suckerpunched. There was a real angry undertone to that fight.

good times!

Josh said...

Was that the same fight where Moo Vaughn never left the dugout and essentially ended Terry Collins' tenure as an Angel manager?

Seitz said...

No, that fight was long before that. It was this game. Martinez was sent down almost right away after that. Even his teammates wouldn't defend him.

Chone said...

Felix Hernandez? A 12 year old got into a fight?

Seitz said...

My bad. Felix Martinez.