Sunday, September 25, 2005

One week left

Well, this one looks like it's about done. Good thing I missed it. There's still a chance, I guess, but we were due for a loss. I really question giving the start to Colon today, especially with Daryl Cousins behind the plate. Bart needs to work the corners to be effective, and Cousins has a strike zone about the size of a dime. But no use crying over spilt milk. Assuming an A's win tonight, the Angels take a three game lead into the final week, and a split with Oakland would all but guarantee the division. Still, let's hope the Rangers nut up tonight.

As for my fantasy team, I had a pretty rough week, but the guy I'm playing in the semi-finals has had a rougher week, and it looks like I'll be heading to the championship series, with three starters lined up to get two starts. I like my chances.

Missed most of today's game because I was playing Ruffled Feathers, pretty much right across the street from Cog Hill. They had a special today. Played in a steady, yet light rain, and the course was pretty wet. Opened with two birdies, then bogeyed 7 and 8 before parring 9 to shoot even on the front, which I've done only about once this year. Bogeyed 10, parred 11 and 12, birdied 13, parred 14, then snaked in about a 35 footer for eagle on 15, bogeyed 16 and 17, and parred 18 to shoot 36-36-72. Best round of the year, and one of my best rounds ever. I just need to be able to get myself to this point by June next year instead of September.

Seeing Michael Penn at Schuba's tonight, so maybe I'll have a review in teh next day or two.

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