Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Angels 4; A's 3: Back to back Western Division Champs!

Best fifty bucks I ever spent.

I talked to my dad after the game, and he said it was anti-climactic. I agreed. It's just the way I like it. After falling behind in the first inning, the Angels came back with two in the second, added two more later, and the kid made those four runs hold up. For the second consecutive season, the Angels are the A.L. West Champions. By the way, I just found a new comedy site. A few of these threads are HI-larious.

I've mentioned it before, and it's fairly obvious, but you can't say enough about how important it was to wrap this series, and the season, up as soon as possible. They now have a week to set the rotation. They have a week to rest the bullpen. GA has a week to stay off his feet and rest up for what will hopefully be a long grind in the post-season.

I'm guessing the rotation will depend on where they play. If they end up with home field (unlikely), then it will be Colon, Lackey, Wash, and Byrd. If they start on the road, it will be Bart, Wash, Lackey, Byrd. I think they'll set up Washburn's first start on the road.

Now we sit back, enjoy the dogfight for the final three playoff spots, with the White Sox-Indians and Yankees-Red Sox series to close it out. Hopefully those teams will find their tanks on empty much like the Angels did last year.

Congratulations, Angels.


Mike said...

50 bucks? I don't understand.

Seitz said...

You're not a cop, are you?

It's a bet with Matt Welch. I bet against the Angels. He called me out because in my frustration, I said that I couldn't see the Angels making the playoffs.

Mike said...

No cop. :-0 I don't understand why you made that bet though.

Seitz said...

Why? Good question. It's because I'm a pessimist. The minute things start going wrong, I tend to vent and give up hope, which is just a way of lowering expectations so that I'm not disappointed. It doesn't work, because I still end up disappointed.

Anyway, after doing this one too many times, Matt called me out on it. I figured, if the Angels lose, I'm $50 richer, and if the Angels win, it's $50 well spent. Literally hedging my bet. So yeah, dumb, but worth it.