Monday, September 26, 2005

Angels 4; A's 3; Lead is 5 games; Magic # is 2

One more win. That's what it's down to. One win in the next three games and the Angels go to the post-season in back to back years for the first time in their history.

They got the scoring going early tonight, a Bobby Crosby error in the second inning opened the door. Erstad followed with an RBI double, and after a Steve Finley fielder's choice, a clutch two out single by Juan Rivera drove home the second run. The old man jacked a two run shot a few innings later, and although the A's crawled back, Kelvim and Frankie closed the door tight enough to bring home the victory, the last two outs coming on a controversial check swing call, and a borderline strikeout looking.

Objectively, this series should have started as a foregone conclusion. A four game lead is a tough thing to blow in one week. But anyone who has been in this situation knows that things can snowball. You lose the first one and you give your opponent life. You start to doubt yourself. They don't have to win four games. They have to win one game four times. It's not a herculean feat. That's why it was vitally important to go out and get this one tonight.

The Angels get a favorable matchup tomorrow night, as they send the kid out against the A's worst starter in Joe Kennedy. How awesome would it be to see Santana, who came in and held down the fort when Kelvim got hurt, to pick up the season clinching win? Now that this one is out of the way, it becomes equally important to win one of the next two. Bart needs his rest, and the bullpen could use some R & R.

For now, the chickens remain uncounted. No one is celebrating yet. The beer is still chillin' in the fridge. We do it again tomorrow.

Btw, A's fans are really a bunch of fucking assholes, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Come on and give in. I'm still waiting for the "Finley is God" post. You've got to at least acknowledge him as a clutch hitter. Maybe whatever team ends up with him next year will just put up calendars turned to September in his locker all season and whenever they see him, even in like May, they'll yell "Steve, there's only a week left in the season and we have a chance to win the division!" By the way, I went to the Boat for dinner last night and it looks like it only has a month or so before they tear it down/rebuild. You need to try and get back soon.

Seitz said...

I still can't believe they're not going to move the actual boat. Weren't they supposed to do that a long time ago? I need to do a post about that on an off-day. I thought someone from T.C. was trying to get money together to buy the actual boat and move it down to around Rosemead and Las Tunas.

Pinko Punko said...

There are a ton of really cool/nice A's fans, but the crazy drunk/thug A's (Raiders) fans are the worst. Worse that the worst of the Yank fans.