Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm gonna get myself connected...

Finally have internet access, the non-stolen kind, in my apartment. The cable guy took his sweet time getting here, but he actually ran a line 3/4 of the way across my apartment, and you can barely tell, so things are looking pretty good. Full range of cable TV is back as well, with the baseball package (for which I had to talk the guy out of charging me another $120). All of this comes in time for the Angels not to be on. But the fireworks don't begin until tomorrow night.

Anyway, took my first trip to Ikea yesterday, just to browse a bit (need a coffee table now that I'm in a bigger place). Have to say I was less than impressed. Some of the stuff looked nice, I guess, but it's not like it was super cheap, and quite frankly, I can't believe that people drive over from Ohio (like my sister's friend) just to shop at Ikea. To each their own, I guess.

I guess I could comment on the Angels playoff prospects, but I feel like I've done that already, and Matt, Rob, Richard, and The Chronicler have done so more recently, and probably more So go read them.

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Anonymous said...

People have given their lives to the great blue and yellow god. You better recognize.