Friday, August 12, 2005

Humor Me

Santana's ERA over the last two months is 3.43. When Escobar comes back, what happens? Here's my suggestion, and feel free to disagree with me in the comments section, but I say Kelvim goes to the bullpen for the rest of the season, and we ride Santana in the rotation. If they make the playoffs, they'll cut the rotation to four anyway. Escobar has the bullpen experience from Toronto, and Santana really doesn't. Honestly, with Santana pitching well for a fifth starter, and the other guys pitching pretty well (assuming a healthy Washburn), doesn't this make the most sense? I realize that the Angels won't do it, because they don't like doing things that make sense (see: Kennedy hitting ninth; Finley hitting anywhere; etc.), but to me, I think this is the best possible use of their pitching resources. Plus, if he's only needed for one or two innings at a time, it may allow Escobar to come back a little sooner (no need to build up the stamina).

Who's with me?


Josh said...

Totally agree here. Fantastic idea!

The Chronicler said...

I concur. But I think there's a decent change they'll do it -- Kelvim will likely need to build his arm back up, and I think he said he would be willing to go to the pen to do it.

Of course, a lot depends on Ervin's continued production and Wash's health.

Sean said...

My suspicion is that Escobar's reputation as a proven starter will get him the rotation slot, and I can't argue with it that much. Santana has done well, but not so overpoweringly well that he deserves to take Escobar's spot, assuming Escobar returns at full strength. Consider also that Santana has never pitched in September before. He's thrown 130.1 innings this year (combined ML, AAA, and AA), and will likely be around 150 by the time Escobar is back. Escobar, meanwhile, has thrown just 40.2. Again assuming the surgery and rehab gets him back to full strength, that's a pretty big advantage for him.

FatMan said...

You're tied for first with 47 to play and you wanna see if a 22-yo can pitch? You're nuts. You don't have the luxury of experimenting right now, Sietz.

It was one thing when the Sox sent Schilling ti the pen, that was at least borne, in part, of necessity.

Escobar was your best starter last year, likely would've been this year, too. He's also the only strike out pitcher you've got in the rotation.

And while I suspect this is the same Sean who was disses my 9 over at the Assclown's place, I agree with him; Escobar's gonna be fresh, while Santana is drifting into unchartered waters.

I swear, I'm not trying to be a contrarian douche bag.

Seitz said...

I don't want to see if he can pitch. I've seen it. I know he can pitch. I also know that the guys in the bullpen seem to have problems getting guys out when the game is on the line.

And this line just shows your ignorance:
He's also the only strike out pitcher you've got in the rotation.

Fat, meet John Lackey. I don't know if you've ever heard of him, but he's currently third in the AL in strikouts, and he's averaging 9.13 per 9 innings. And's that's trending up.

Besides, Santana is striking out over seven per nine innings, which would put him right behind Clement if he were pitching for the beantowners, god forbid. And as it is, I'd rather have a strikeout pitcher like Escobar in the pen for a short stretch. The high pitch counts from a lot of strikeouts as a starter could send him back to the DL sooner than anyone wants.

Sean said...

This story sez Escobar may pitch from the bullpen, so you may be onto something.