Sunday, August 14, 2005

Angels 7; Mariners 6

Didn't see most of it, except for rolling through the version on my DVR where I pretty much just watched the homers and the important plays. It was a nice, cool day here for a change, so I hit the links again.

Kotch absolutely hammered one, but it was really an awful pitch, so it deserved to be hammered. Ditto for Vlad's homer. And Bengie didn't cheat on his, as he hit it to one of the deepest parts of the park. I don't know what the hell happened to Donnelly. At least Bengie had an excuse, as he had just been hit in the hand, but Donnelly seemed to catch the Sax/Sasser disease there on the throw to first base. I was just surprised to see that it was scored an error. That's a really tough play for a major leaguer to make, ya know. Fortunately Erstad came through, and Frankie had one of his sharper appearances of late. With Oakland losing, the one game lead is back for now, but this figures to be a pretty tough week for the Angels. At least they've picked up some momentum, and while they can't make up for the debacle against Seattle in the last series, they did as much as they could.

As for the golf, not great, but encouraging. 83 from the black tees at Pine Meadow (7100+ yards). Didn't putt all that well, but hit the irons a little better, and I'm still hammering the new driver. I joined a couple on the seventh hole. Husband and wife, probably late 30s or so. She was pretty cute, but he was kind of a dick at first. He wasn't that good, but acted like he was a lot better, getting pissed off when he inevitably hit really bad shots. Now, I don't really care what type of people I play with. I don't care if they're good or not. If I did, I would never play with Ty (and I know he's reading this). But seriously, if you're not good, don't act like you are and you're just having a bad day. I've seen enough golfers out there that I can tell. Around 15 or 16, he started to mellow out a bit. Dude could really use some lessons. He's not old, and he's a big enough guy that he should be hitting the ball relatively far, but he'd tee off 40 yards in front of me, and I'd still be 50 yards by him in the fairway, and I'm not a really long hitter. I'm not short, but I'm not a monster. Anyway, the point is, I learned about 15 years ago that getting really pissed off on the golf course doesn't do anybody any good. No use crying over spilt milk. That's my free advice to all of you.

Next week, Cog Hill again, and maybe Kemper Lakes on Sunday if I can work out the timing. Expensive weekend.

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Good thing I live 12 hours away I guess.