Monday, May 09, 2005


That's all I can say. I'm pretty pissed right now, so I'm just gonna bullet point this one:

  • Dear Comcast, there is a phenomenon that often occurs in Chicago in the month of May. It's called rain. It's not unexepected. SO WHY THE FUCK IS MY CABLE OUT!! I could live with the loss of the Angels game, mostly because they're really, really bad. But you also caused me to miss 24, which I wouldn't have cared much about 2 months ago. But now that we're down to the wire, you go and fuck up on a Monday night. You people are morons, and you suck.
  • Darin Erstad - nice agressive at bat. Hey, ya seen one fastball, ya seen 'em all, right? Apparently not, because you needed to see two more go right down the pipe just to be sure. You suck.
  • Dallas - I've been patient, and I've been rooting for you. I imagine that the fastballs that Erstad saw were so pretty, you must have felt like you needed to see one up close. I hope it was worth it. You suck.
  • Jose Molina - Nice double. You don't suck yet.
  • Lackey - Hey, give up one run, give up a hundred. They ain't gonna score, so unless you throw a shutout, you're screwed. Don't let it get you down. You might suck, but it doesn't matter.
  • Figgins - Not your fault. When you strike out looking on a pitch over your head, it's not your fault. Angel Hernandez, you suck. But then, you've ALWAYS sucked, so it's no big surprise.
I can't watch this crap anymore.


The Chronicler said...

I routinely have Comcast problems in LA, too ... the cable usually doesn't work in the mornings.

You didn't miss that much on 24, except for the very end. They just kind of mark time for the first four acts, and then all the big events come right before the turn of the hour.


Seitz said...

This is the first season I've ever watched it, and even though I don't think it's that great, this is the first episode I've missed. Damn Comcast! I'm trying to download it, but my bittorrent client hasn't been working for some reason.