Wednesday, April 16, 2003


OK, sure a fleet footed guy on first base, pretty good base stealer, but there are two outs in the ninth. At the plate is a guy hitting above .434, who happened to lead the league in doubles last year. That's a good thing, too, because chances are if he hits another double, you'll score and tie the game. What do you? If you answered "try to steal second and get thrown out ending the game" then you're probably Eric Owens.

Tough outing for Jarrod Washburn. He got in trouble in the fourth, almost got himself out of it, but then was struck with a couple of two out hits that were the difference in the game. I'm basing this purely on news reports, because last night was April 15th, and we accountants like to do a little drinking on April 15th. Also, Texas wasn't televising the game. AGAIN. idiots. Anyway, not to place too much blame on Owens, because ultimately it's just one out of 27, but that's a really bad mistake to make. He didn't get the sign, he went on his own. Those are the kind of mistakes that you can't afford to make in a division this tight.

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