Thursday, April 17, 2003


Well, a hearty thank you goes out to Michael Young, who booted the ball like a ten year old in the eighth inning which helped lead to 7 runs. The nine runs total that the Angels put on the board was enough, barely, as the Rangers pounded out 13 hits and 4 home runs. Carl Everett was a monster, and you really can't say anything about A-Rod. Is it just me, or does he always look like he's going to hit a home run?

Lackey struggled again. He had control problems from time to time, although some of his walks made sense (first base open, man on second, Raffy Palmeiro at the plate), assuming of course that you're pitching well enough to get the next guy, which he wasn't. Frankie was strong in the seventh and eighth, allowing a walk, a hit, and striking out three. Percival allowed a homer to A-Rod, but like in game two of last year's World Series, he shut the door after that for the save.

It's a tremendous race brewing in the West, with two games separating the four teams, and three tied for first. Interestingly enough, it may not be the in-division games that decide this thing. They all seem to be cancelling each other out. It may come down to who can beat up on the Orioles, Devil Rays, Indians, Royals (yes, the Royals), and, well, I'd list the Tigers, but everyone is going to beat up on them, that decides this division. It wouldn't be new, as last year it was the A's 20 game win streak against mostly the AL Central, and the Angels demolition of Baltimore and Tampa that propelled those two to the playoffs. It looks like a long, great season.

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