Friday, April 18, 2003


Not a strong outing for Mickey Callaway. He struggled with his control, and got knocked around a bit. And what the hell is up with Carl Everett. That guy was a killer again, with a couple of hits, including a home run. And it appears that Hank Blalock is the real deal, much to my chagrin. Nothing against Blalock, but the BP guys were so far up his ass last year that I was sort of hoping he would fall on his face. Oh well.

Dear Scott Schoeneweis,

You have one job. You are supposed to get left handers out. That's it. Nothing more. You aren't asked to pick runners off. Next time, it might be better if you don't throw the ball into right field. Oh, and part of getting left handers out includes throwing strikes. In that vein, it might be a good idea to a) not hit guys, and b) not walk guys. Just some friendly advice from Angels fan.

William Seitz

3 with Seattle at home are on tap. Gotta get at least one. None are must win, but you don't want to fall behind too early. No reason they can't take all three, but it should be a good series. They need to continue to score runs, but somehow the defense has to start coming together.