Friday, October 03, 2008

1 and 6-9 liveblog

Through one game and two innings, starters hitting in the leadoff spot and 6-9 spots are a combined 0-25. Kendry Morales, pinch hitting in game one, has the only hit from that part of the lineup.

The Angels started the inning 0-20. None of those hitters have even reached base. Tonight:

  • Figgins popped up - first inning - 0-21
  • Rivera grounded out - first inning - 0-22
  • Kendrick struck out - second inning - 0-23
  • Mathis struck out - second inning - 0-24
  • Aybar flew out - second inning - 0-25 - with his error, he's now producing negatively.
  • Figgins flies out - third inning - 0-26
Interlude - 2-5 hitters are 13-22, a .591 average. All other starters are hitting z-e-r-o.
  • A WALK! A Baserunner! The OBP is up to .037!!
  • Kendrick strikes out - fourth inning - 0-27
  • A HIT!!ONE11!!!!11one!!! Mathis - fourth inning - 1-28
  • Aybar grounds out - fourth inning - 1-29
  • Figgins Singles!!!! - fourth inning - 2-30
Overall update, and hell, I'll even throw Kendry's pinch hit single into the mix:

32 plate appearances
31 at bats
2 hits
1 walk
2 total bases
That comes to a line of .065/.094/.065
  • Rivera strikes out - fifth inning - 2-32
  • Kendrick flies out - fifth inning - 2-33
  • Kendry won't count towards the normal count, as he's a pinch hitter, but he's out too. Actually screw that. Let's throw his hit from last night in there, and his out tonight. The count is officially 3-35.
That may do it. First and second with no one out and the Angels can't get a run in to bring it to one. That's the story of the last five years. That, for all intents and purposes, was probably the game.
  • Aybar gets fucked on ball four, grounds out on a 3-2 pitch - sixth inning - 3-36
  • Figgins pops up sixth inning - 3-37
Garret Anderson almost hits one out, but ends up just making a loud out. He's not included in the calculation, but his 0-3 tonight makes it six consecutive unproductive hitters in a nine man lineup.
  • Juan Rivera Walks - seventh inning - still 3-37
  • Howie Kendrick, working hard to replace Chone Figgins, strikes out on two pitches that aren't even in the same area code as the strike zone - seventh inning, 3-38
  • Mike Napoli walks - RBI - seventh inning - still 3-38
  • Erick Aybar strikes out on a Howie Kendrick pitch - 3-39
42 plate appearances
39 at bats
3 hits
3 walks
3 total bases
That comes to a line of .077/.143/.077 - That's an OPS of 220. If everyone bunted every time up, they'd probably have an OPS better than that.
  • Figgins Triples!! - Eight inning - 4-40....They're up to .100!
I'm going to study Ed Rapuano's photograph. I'm going to burn it into my memory, and one day, I hope to see him walking down the street. And when I do, I'll go fucking Hormel Chavez on his ass and kick him in fucking balls, then kick the fucking shit out of him and hopefully take out a few ribs. Ed Rapuano, you're a piece of shit, and you deserve to have the living shit beat out of you.
  • Gary Matthews fouls out - ninth inning - 4-41
  • Howie Kendrick strikes out - ninth inning - 4-42
They end game two at:
45 Plate Appearances
42 at bats
4 hits
3 walks
6 total bases
That gives them a line of .089/.156/.143

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