Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This team is awful

Bottom of the third inning, and from the swings they're getting against Cliff Lee, we may very well be in for a no-hitter tonight. I'm serious.

Fourth inning, now 3-0 Indians, and the game is officially over. See you tomorrow night.

Eighth inning. 3-1. Scioscia officially gives up on this game and brings in Darren Oliver.

Physioc just mentioned that, with Speier on the DL, Carrasco will pitch in more high pressure situations in the next two weeks. Umm, don't you have to be able to score enough runs to get a lead before you can be in a high pressure situation? I don't think Pipo will be in too many high pressure situations in the next two weeks.

It wasn't a fluke, folks. The Royals didn't get lucky to take two of four games from the Angels. This team is honestly no better than the Kansas City Royals. They're that bad.

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Kenneth said...

What I fail to comprehend is the Angels' continuing inability to find a good DH. Ever since Chili Davis left, they have had one good DH, Brad Fulmer. And, after going to the World Series with him, they let him go.

Now, we have Hillenbrand as the latest in a long line of guys who are brought in to do nothing but hit and they do anything but.

Maybe Hubie Brooks is still available?