Sunday, May 06, 2007

White Sox 4; Angels 3 - Shields blows it Again

Scot Shields continues to just be awful this year, and he can't be too far from becoming the seventh inning guy. His ERA isn't awful, it will be somewhere around 4.00 after today's game, but add this to the Cleveland game as losses that are completely on him. He inherited the tying run at the plate, and it took all of about two pitches to bring that run in as AJ Piershlsadkjf drilled one into what used to be the right field bullpen. And to top it off, the cocksucker drove in the winning run in the tenth.

We'll wait for news on Bart, but he looked excellent through seven innings before leaving in the eighth with what I can only assume is an arm problem. He had thrown fewer than 90 pitches to that point and hadn't allowed a run, though he left the game with runners on the corners. Shields did his best to make sure they came home.

It must have been a hell of a sun up there today, because everyone seemed to be having problems with it. The Angels dropped two balls, neither which came back to hurt them, as Crede would have scored on the home run anyway.

Offense was as blah as ever. Sure, they provided a lead, but three runs every night is not going to get it done. As I've said before, thank God they're in the AL West, because in any other division, they'd be nowhere near first place, and in the central, they'd be darn near third.

This is not a very good baseball team. This is an average team in a bad division.

On the plus side, it's been a team effort. Just about everyone is contributing to their crappiness.

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