Saturday, March 03, 2007

UCLA 51; Washinton 61 - Also, Illinois lost


I may get around to doing a full post on this game, but right now I'm still trying to find the foul on LRMAM against Brockman in the final minute. If anyone can find it, let me know.

Actualy, I missed most of this one. Forest Park, IL held its St. Patrick's Day/Casimir Pulaski day parade today (yes, they hold parades when it's 28 degrees outside). I only caught bits and pieces.

First instincts: Meaningless game for the Bruins. Senior day for the Huskies. Not sure if they rushed the floor, but hey, good luck in the NIT.


Between missing free throws, and Rich McBride jacking up 30 footers, this was no surprise. Winning gave the Illini a bid. Losing means they need at least one, if not two, conference tourney wins to be safe, and even then I have a feeling the committee is going to screw them.

As for the ILL-DUI chant, I'd expect nothing less from Sex Offender University. Iowa sucks, and their fans are a bunch of cocksuckers. Sorry, but I call 'em like I see 'em.


Anonymous said...

Luc Richard got screwed, as did UCLA on that play, but overall, they did not deserve to win. I was there (headed back to Chicago on Monday). The highlight for me was the game at WSU...that was pretty.

Jamie Allen

The Chronicler said...

That foul call was vintage Pac-10 ridiculousness ... guy gets to ball first, touches ball, touches no one else, then someone else from underneath and bangs him in the arms, jarring ball loose ... foul on first guy. Bravo, refs!

Just about as bad was Shipp's heaved NBA 3-point attempt with plenty of time on the shot clock after we had narrowed it to 52-51 ...

... oh well, as you say, it was completely meaningless, and that's how the guys played. I don't really mind getting the "Yeah, you guys have to show up" wake-up call.